MadWorld On Wii Now Guaranteed Chart Success

Posted on Aug 14 2008 - 12:18am by Richard Sharp

MadWorld On The Wii - Instant SuccessAnd so we turn to the lobbyists again to help build the expectation and further increase the appeal of a game that is being billed as the most violent game ever made. So despite the fact that it clearly doesn’t need any help in being an appealing game, MadWorld is getting that little extra help in promoting it that only the lobbyists can truly award to a game. Look at the entire Grand Theft Auto series – the more unpopular it gets with the lobbyists, the more the rest of the world want to play it.

The game is all black and white except for the bright red blood spills – and there’s going to be a lot of them as you can run around cutting people up with a chainsaw and impale them on a healthy assortment of items. We grant you, it’s probably not the ideal game for 8 year old Wii players but that’s what the age classifications are for.

There will almost be some extra pressure on the game because lobbyists will undoubtedly cite the use of the Wiimote as putting children one step closer to the actual physical maiming and murdering of people.

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