Magic Wand Remote Control From The Dragons Den

Posted on Aug 25 2010 - 3:49pm by Richard Sharp

Whilst watching Dragons Den on the BBC on Monday one product really captured my attention – the magic wand remote control. This genius gadget allows users to ‘magically’ control electronic equipment around their home or office.

A flick of the wand can change a channel on your TV; select the next track on your CD player or MP3 player. In fact it can store up to 13 functions from a standard remote which can then be converted into a gesture on the wand. Users just press the required button on the remote and point it at the tip of the wand, it vibrates, you perform the gesture you would like to associate with the buttons action, the wand vibrates again and abracadabra you can use it control your gadget. Here is the full range of 13 actions:

  • Rotate clockwise.
  • Rotate anticlockwise.
  • Flick upwards.
  • Flick downwards.
  • Flick left.
  • Flick right.
  • Tap on top.
  • Tap on side.
  • Double tap on top.
  • Double tap on side.
  • Push forward.
  • Pull back.
  • Big swish

The wand can ‘learn’ actions from any device that used infra red signals, so your DVD player, Hi-fi, console or any other home automation gadget will work with the remote control wand.

The wand is packaged in an authentic looking wizard type box clad in faux dragon skin that looks mysterious on the outside and is lined with Chinese silk material on the inside. If you fancy yourself as a techie witch or wizard this really is the gadget for you – it looks a lot cooler than a standard remote too.

Available for £49.99 from Iwoot | Fire box | Amazon

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