Make Halloween Scarier with a Vortex Tunnel

Posted on Oct 31 2013 - 10:28pm by Robert

There are some great Halloween gadgets around these days. From skull based USB ports to serial killer shower curtains, this is a great time of year to scare people witless with a cool gadget.

However, what if you really want to make an impression and turn your home into a big budget haunted house? Well, you will need a vortex tunnel in this case, won’t you?. The good news is that this amazing tunnel will set the scene perfectly for your guests. The bad news is that it will blow a scarily big hole in your gadgets budget for the rest of the year.

 Different Designs and a 3D Tunnel Available

vortez It is basically a tunnel which rotates around the 20 foot long platform guests walk on, with some amazing light sequences and illuminated art printed on it to make it look as realistic and spooky as possible. There is even a 3D version which brings an extra level of realism to your vortex tunnel. You can choose from a few different designs.

Now for the price tag. This rather spiffing Halloween gadget is going to set you back $8,000. That’s almost £5,000, which some people might understandably see as being a bit steep for an impressive but ultimately pointless gadget. Having said that, if you want to make a huge impression this year and money isn’t an issue then this is a great choice.

Would you like to have a vortex tunnel set up in the entrance of your house this Halloween?

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