Man Builds Astonishingly Dangerous Lightsaber

Posted on Jan 5 2016 - 1:30pm by Robert

If there one dream that many Star Wars fans simply aren’t willing to give up on it is that one day they will own their very own lightsaber.

This iconic weapon is made of pure energy and it currently impossible to make, but that didn’t stop geeky inventor Styropyro from going ahead and giving it a try.

This is the guy who got some online fame a while ago when he built a laser shotgun. Now, he has added a hugely upgraded 7W blue laser to his hi-tech armoury, in an attempt to make the most famous Star Wars weapon of all.

Burns Through Wires and Can Blind People


It isn’t exactly like the lightsabers from the films that have thrilled millions. It might not be enough to defeat Darth Maul but it is powerful enough to burn through wires or to blind someone.

The dangerousness of this weapon means that it isn’t really suitable for using anywhere outside of a rowdy bar in Tatooine. It certainly isn’t a toy that you would want a child or an untrained Jedi to get their hands on.

If this still doesn’t sound like a powerful and crazy enough type of laser then you will be pleased to see that Styropyro also has plans to produce a laser bazooka as well. Quite what a laser bazooka will look like is anyone’s guess, but it certainly sounds like the kind of thing that we won’t be messing with.

Would you be brave enough to try out this home-made lightsaber?

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