Man builds website to convince Google to hire him

Posted on Aug 4 2011 - 10:57am by Julius

A man who wants to be a Google employee has built an entire website to show Google how much he wants to work for the company.

Canadian Matthew Epstein created a Google Plus-themed website called that features a witty video resume and testimonials from his former employees. He also included a link to a copy of his resume in pdf and a link that will allow Google to contact him. The website was created to gain the interest of Google’s recruitment managers.

“Armed only with a mustache and online marketing savvy, one man has set forth on an epic quest to land a job at Google. That man’s name is Matthew Epstein,” he wrote in the website’s about me page.
On Epstein’s LinkedIn page, he describes himself as a “product marketer and digital strategist with a passion for bringing products to market online and offline.”

The Canadian only launched his campaign recently and in his blog post, he told the story of how he spent $250 shipping a cardboard cutout of himself to Google’s Staffing/Human Resources department in the company’s Mountain View HQ to draw attention to his website. Five minutes after recieving the lifesize cutout, he received an email from Google, asking him to fill out the company’s voluntary identification form and take part of its standard hiring process.

In his creatively produced video resume, Epstein sports a fake mustache and discussed how he would be a great addition to Google’s product marketing team.

Google has been known to reply to unique and creative applications. Last February, Alyson Shontell submitted her creative cover letter, believing that “Google likes diversity and personality.” The creatively written and designed application got her an interview with the search engine giant.

If you want to read more about Epstein’s ongoing journey for success, visit his blog and his official website.

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