Manchester Airport Replace Staff with Holograms

Posted on Feb 6 2011 - 7:01pm by Paul

We are not sure what it is about Manchester but they really seem to be heading up technology in the UK at the moment. They were the first to Tweet about their 999 calls, then they set up a spoof site to curb drunken behaviour and now they are rolling out holographic staff in their international airport.

The holograms/projections are of two staff and take pride of place in the queue leading up to the security check area. They remind travellers about the rules of carrying liquids on to the plane and removing metal items such as belts before they get to the security scanner. The move could mean the end of ‘real’ staff needing to walk up and down the line giving them more time to concentrate on the security and safety of passengers.

Musion, the company behind the technology used in the project, have worked with the likes of The Gorillaz and even supplied a holographic version of Frank Sinatra for Simon Cowells birthday party. Musio’s founder, James Rock, said: “We’ve developed this technology for many uses but it’s perfectly suited for an airport environment where the support of recorded messages can help with passenger information.”

Julie Capper, the female holograms real life model, said “It’s strange to see yourself in virtual form and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to rely on my virtual self to carry some of my workload.

For the time being these holograms will only be seen in Manchester and Luton  with other airports reported to be interested in the technology.

Via:Sky News

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