Manchester Police Tackle Drunks with Spoof Site

Posted on Dec 17 2010 - 2:17pm by Richard Sharp

Greater Manchester Police have rolled out a spoof website to raise awareness and prevent drunken and disorderly behaviour over the Christmas period.

The website known as ‘The Drunken Disorderly Inn’ is set up like an advertising and booking portal for a hotel and takes visitors through the different ‘facilities’ they could expect to see should they fall foul of the law in Manchester. Amenities include a delightful wipe clean mattress, en-suite aka toilet next to the bed, one complimentary phone call and lots of bars.

Another area of the site allows users to upload a photograph of themselves or a friend to discover what they would look like behind bars; this can then be shared on Facebook or via email – the perfect wind up and a viral way of spreading the word about the site.

The tongue in cheek puns and videos are being used to drive home an important message.

Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said: “Although it is tongue-in-cheek it carries a serious message highlighting the cold, stark experience of being taken into custody and how it can damage your reputation, relationships and work prospects.

Greater Manchester Police really do seem to think differently in the way they prevent crime, in October they launched a campaign where every 999 call was Tweeted to raise awareness of what the Police have to deal with on a daily basis – some of them were a shocking waste of police time and taxpayers money.

Mr. Shewan continued “Please visit this website before you go out and share it with your friends. Enjoy yourself and stay safe this Christmas and remember it’s your night out and your choice. Don’t spend it with us.”

We think this is a novel way of raising awareness of the damage drunken people can do, also the photo upload of friends is also pretty funny. What do you think of the site?

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