Manfrotto Pocket MP3-D01 Tripod Review

Posted on Sep 3 2012 - 6:18pm by Richard Sharp

Over the past ten years or so digital cameras have come a long way and for a time tripods languished behind. There wasn’t a good range for mainstream users and this meant shakey shots and one armed portrait photos of you and a loved one were the only way to snap. Nowadays this has changed thanks to the likes of Joby and their epic Gorillapod and offerings such as Manfrotto’s Pocket MP3-D01 tripod.

Today we present our review of the MP3-D01; a tripod small enough to carry around in your pocket or even leave attached to your bridge or DSLR camera. But is it any good? We’ve used it for a range of shots and cameras to find out.


1X MP3-D01 pocket tripod

1X Warranty pack

1X carry pouch

1X screw tool/keychain

Using and living with the MP3-DO1

The tripod comes in an easy to open cardboard box; none of this blister pack nonsense as used on other products. Once you’ve got the box open it’s simply a case of grabbing your camera, positioning the tripod (there’s a handy ‘front’ marker) and tighten up the screw with the adapter provided. Some people have complained that this is fiddly but I didn’t find it too tricky.

I tested it with a Canon D600 and Panasonic FZ48 and it worked beautifully with both. The legs fold in when not in use which works brilliantly with digital SLR; it’s suitable for any mirror-less camera and there’s a smaller version for regular digital cameras too.

Stability wise we’d say it lives up to manufacturer spec when it says it will hold 1.5KG; although only in some positions. We’d rate it more at 1.2KG (for all angles) which suits most DSLR’s with a standard lens which means super zooms are completely out. To be fair you probably wouldn’t want to use this tripod for shots like that anyway and it’s far more suitable for close quarters and regular zoom shots.

The tripod is solid in construction and made from high grade steel with rubber feet for added friction. Some people have mentioned the screw is flimsy which i found to be untrue. If this does worry you it’s worth noting that it comes with a spare and any broken parts are covered by Manfrotto’s five year warranty anyway.


My initial scepticism quickly dissipated and i’d happily recommend this to anyone who is limited on space and doesn’t want a full size tripod. It’s suitable for flat, uneven and even slippery surfaces because the rubber feet stick like glue. ¬†Inclines aren’t a problem either; although the GorillaPod is far more versatile but is far bulkier to carry around too. Manfrotto also gives customers an impressive 5 year warranty which makes up for the fairly high price point.

In summary i’d say this isn’t a full on replacement tripod; but is a great piece of kit to carry around in your pocket for steady photographs on the move.

This and other tripods are available from the Manfrotto website and other retailers such as Amazon at £29.95 (RRP).


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