Media Xporter hard drive for gamers

Posted on Apr 17 2008 - 7:34pm by Paul

Its not the first time the technology industry has seen a product repacked and aimed at gamers, this time its a iomega product, featuring their new media xporter hard drive.

The 2.5-inch USB hard disk device, aimed at gamers to connect upto their game consoles.  According to Iomega it works perfectly with  Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Compatible with the MP3, MPEG-4 and JPEG file formats.

Rumour has it that hopefully along with the device, software will be included which will convert video to work with gaming consoles and thankfully the hard disk doesn’t need any extra power adapters its just simple USB plug and play and the 160GB model is available now for only $120.

This device enables you to play your stored music, photos, and videos on our chosen console and offers a high capacity of storage, 160GB specifically just for your multi-media collections and is very convenient for transferring an viewing the content through your Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 video game consoles.

Its portable so you can take it around with you when travelling, and is great for saving content from your computer and transferring for viewing on your video game consoles.

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