Mercedes Benz A-Class Concept Car Looks Hot with Tablet PC

Posted on Apr 10 2011 - 3:20pm by Richard Sharp

The Mercedes A class has enjoyed wild success since its inception way back in 1997, since then the baby Merc has undergone various facelifts and refreshes which has kept its spirit alive despite being a little dowdy and dare we say ‘ugly’. Well it looks like a change of the guard could see the A Class transformed into a high tech hot hatch, oh and did we mention it includes a tablet pc?

The exterior of the car is no longer box shaped but more streamlined, if we were to make a comparison it would probably be with the new Vauxhall Astra, not to be frowned at because that’s also a great looking car. Big wheels, inverted front and rear grills, air meshed wheels, LED headlights and a huge air dam in the front bumper make the concept A class look aggressively modern.

The interior is even more extreme with bright red dials and led surrounds for instruments and air vents. The super sports seats look like they have been taken straight from the set of Tron although the 2.0 turbo charge power plant is a little less exciting. Mercedes say that it will develop 210BHP which is actually pretty impressive and should offer competitive fuel consumption too.

Other tech includes a radar collision warning system and of course a tablet pc which takes pride of place in the centre of the dashboard. From the computer generated images it appears to be an iPad although no statement has been made by Mercedes, perhaps they are waiting to see what will be in stock at the time!

Via: The Guardian and Engadget

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