Michelin Saddle concept mimics horse-back contours

Posted on Jul 1 2011 - 12:29pm by Robert

For the past ten years, Michelin has challenged designers from around the globe to make their own innovative vehicle concepts. The best concept vehicle designs are then put by the company before some judges and display the best at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Michelin’s 2011 “Plus 10: The Best is Yet to Come” challenge asked designers to come up with a concept vehicle that can be enjoyed by those local to the designers in 2021. One concept design that stood above all is the Michelin Saddle 2011.

The Michelin Saddle 2011 is a futuristic electric bike concept that was designed by artist Attila Tari. The vehicle mimics the contours of a horse’s back and it was made to create the relationship between man and nature closer.

The Saddle has an innovative navigation system. The system is comprised of a single command center that controls the vehicle’s three wheels centrally, but the wheels can also be controlled individually. This is the same as controlling a horse’s movement in a rough terrain. The Saddle 2011 also enables the driver greater dexterity in harder road conditions.

The new control system uses Michelin’s active wheel technology and solutions from current technologies.

Attila Tari was born in Eastern Hungary in 1988. He was studying to be a biologist before he ventured into product design. This three-wheeled concept vehicle really shows Tari’s interest in evolution.

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