Microsoft’s YouTube channel attacked

Posted on Oct 25 2011 - 3:08am by Julius

A mysterious hacker broke into the YouTube channel of Microsoft, posting solicitations for sponsorships and deleting all of its videos.

Tech news site Geekwire reported that the hacker uploaded some videos soliciting advertisements for the hacked channel, but was removed as of Monday morning. It replaced the videos with others that claim the company is holding a contest.

“The background on the channel has been replaced and all of the company’s archived videos, including those for its newly launched advertising campaign, have been removed,” the report read.

It is still unclear how the hacker got into the Microsoft account. A message posted by the alleged infiltrator may have explained what happened.  “I DID NOTHING WRONG I SIMPLY SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT THAT I MADE IN 2006 :/,” wrote the hacker in the channel’s description.

One user suggested that the account was first established as a fan channel before giving it the name to the software giant. The account was probably linked to the user’s email and the company just forgot to change it.

The hack on Microsoft’s YouTube channel comes a week after the attack on Sesame Street’s YouTube channel, where hackers posted hardcore porn clips.

Computer security company Sophos said that the hacker uploaded videos that last three or four seconds, calling on other Internet users to create a background image for the channel, post video responses or provide sponsorship.

Microsoft’s YouTube account seems to be back in order as of now, but the increase in YouTube attacks doesn’t make the service look well.


via: The Register

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