Microsoft confirms cheaper Xbox 360 Slim planned

Posted on Jun 21 2010 - 10:16am by simon

The announcement of the slimmed-down reboot of the Xbox 360 console went down well at the E3 conference last week and Microsoft has now said that a cheaper edition of this new device will be arriving later in the year.

The cheaper, slimmer Xbox 360 will be replacing the Arcade version of the current model, which sits on shelves at about £130. Microsoft says that its replacement will cost somewhere between the £150-170 mark and although it will not have the huge 250GB hard drive of its big brother, it will still get the sleek, black finish and the cooler, quieter operation which will be a boon to current Xbox 360 owners.

Both the full and half fat versions of the Xbox 360 Slim will be ready to operate with the new motion gaming accessory from Microsoft called Kinect. This set top device will also be bundled with the consoles for a price increment of somewhere in the region of £100 for those who are keen to start moving their feet and getting into the game in a weird, mirrored virtual reality kind of way.

Keen observers recently noted that the revamped Xbox 360 is missing one key component that almost defined its predecessor; the red LED that accompanies the green power light. This LED would light up when an internal error was detected and it became known as the red ring of death. Its removal either suggests a greater confidence in the new hardware, or Microsoft’s attempt to disassociate its latest offering from former woes.

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