Microsoft Could Soon Challenge In Smartphone Wars With XBox Live Integration

Posted on Aug 17 2010 - 8:00am by Matt Jackson

Microsoft has finally confirmed the details of what could be a major change in the smartphone wars having given full details of the crossover between XBox Live and Windows Mobile 7. If you own a phone that rocks up Windows 7 then you will be able to play XBox Live games directly on your phone. You will be able to bag achievements, play multiplayer, and download some high quality games.

What’s more, Microsoft has announced the initial list of games which noyt only includes some of the titles that certain other mobile phones have been offering for a while but it also includes console specific titles like Halo Waypoint and Splinter Cell games.

The phones will also offer full avatar, achievement, and gamerscore support so pretty much whatever you can do on your XBox 360 you’ll be able to do on your Windows based mobile phone. It could well turn out that the new mobile phone operating system is the only choice for the 360 owning gamer. At launch, there will also be a good range of more casual titles such as Bejeweled and Uno which will help attract those that are probably less likely to own a 360.

Microsoft has kind of struggled to get the kind of attention it craves from its mobile operating system and the phones that boast it but this could be a move in the right direction. Not only is it offering decent quality but it’s also unique and plays on the fact that many people own and love their XBox 360 as a total gaming machine.

There will be 50 titles straight from launch and bearing in mind the fact that XBox Live on your console keep expanding with new features including Netflix video on demand don’t be too surprised to see a few other extra features added in time.

Will you swap to a Windows mobile to gain access to XBox Live on the move?

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