Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard

Posted on Aug 24 2008 - 2:37am by Richard Sharp

Sidewinder X6Recently, Microsoft hasn’t really been the first name you think of in terms of hardcore PC gaming peripherals. Obviously, they do have a reasonable claim to be involved in the gaming world through various other ventures but their PC peripherals had seemingly take a back seat to these for some time now. Well, fret no longer, because they’re releasing the Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard.

The biggest feature of the X6 is definitely the number pad, which can not only be removed and attached to the other side of the keyboard for lefties but also has macro buttons that enable you to record nearly 100 in game macros to speed up and automate those monotonous button pressing tasks.

Front lit keys enable you to play well into the night without even having to get up and switch the lights on and Cruise Control can be applied to four different buttons. The Cruise Control feature enables players to continue performing the action of a particular button without having to keep it held down.

Considering two factors (it’s a gaming peripheral and, more importantly, it’s a Microsoft product) the price is surprisingly reasonable at the equivalent of about £40 and is perfect for any left handed computer users as well as hard core gamers.

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