Microsoft unveils the new limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360

Posted on Jul 22 2011 - 12:51pm by Thomas Sharp

Microsoft unveiled a new limited edition Xbox 360 on Thursday that will be based on the Star Wars character R2-D2. The new limited edition console will be based on two of the Star Wars franchise’s most popular robots, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

The new console will feature R2 D2’s beeping sounds when it is turned on and when the disk tray is opened. The Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 will also boast a 320 GB hard disk drive, which is the largest storage capacity available for the system.

Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan wrote a first look at the system, where he found out that a Darth Vader model was scrapped. “Doing something like a Darth Vader didn’t make sense,” Xbox’s Carl Ledbetter told Buchanan. “It would look cool, but it wouldn’t make sense for the game.” And it would look a lot like the original PS3.

Talking about how it was made, Buchanan wrote “Microsoft spent a month working with the factory in China to figure out how to layer the metallic inks in order to create shadows and the sense of the depth. When you turn the R2-D2 Xbox from side to side, the sheen of metallic inks shifts, so there’s an almost three-dimensional look to the faux vents that run up and down the side.”

The Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 will be available later this year and will include a headset, a gold controller based on C-3PO and a white Kinect sensor. It will also come with the Kinect Star Wars game, an adventure game that utilizes the Kinect motion-sensor system.

If only it was shaped like R2D2, that would be a dream come true!


via: Herald Sun

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