Milano E-cigarette

Posted on Jan 13 2009 - 10:28am by David Gray

ecig.jpgAs new gizmos and gadgets go there can be few with the potential to help smoking addicts as much as the Milano E-cigarette. Most definitely one for the older generation this is a stylish high-tech cigarette which offers the “real” smoking sensation of a traditional cigarette without the smoke, tar, tobacco, flame or cancer-causing elements. It has been on the cards for some time and unlike many gizmos and gadgets which come to the market the Milano E-cigarette has certainly not disappointed.

Due to the fact that the E-cigarette does not contain any traditional cigarette elements, does not produce any smoke and does not have any potential health impact on those close by it is perfectly legal to smoke at any location. However, so lifelike is the Milano E-cigarette that you are probably best to let people around you know that you are smoking an artificial cigarettes before you do get into trouble!

The product comes with nicotine or nicotine free capsules and is believed to offer assistance to smokers looking to give up. So if your New Year’s resolution is to give up smoking and improve your health then the Milano E-cigarette could be a very interesting way to bring in 2009.

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