Millennium Falcon beanbag bed looks awesome and comfy

Posted on Jun 29 2011 - 10:20am by Julius

After a few decades since it was introduced, production of Star Wars items is still very hot, even to today’s younger generation. Star Wars memorabilia is still a hit and more and more toy companies are introducing their own works based on the sci-fi film franchise.

Items based on the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft commanded by Han Solo in the film, has been gaining popularity these days. There has been a Millennium Falcon cake, a Millennium Falcon bed, and a scale model, but a company called Woouf made a Millennium Falcon beanbag bed that will surely tickle your fancy.

The bean bag bed, which is based on the fastest spacecraft in the galaxy, has a measurement of 260x200x250, and judging by the photos that we have seen online, its seems awful comfortable too.

The photos reveal that the beanbag stays faithful to the spacecraft’s design, and tiny details are printed beautifully as well. It may look good on house parties, but spilled beer and pizza stains could ruin the fabric. It would be great for game nights, though, where you and your friends just sit there and play your favorite game.

The beanbag bed was made for the Adidas pavilion event at the Barcelona Primavera Sound festival in 2010. It’s a shame that the company only made one ’cause we all know that some people would love to have one of their own.

via: Boingboing

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