Minecraft pushes Adventure update back, brings in Pistons

Posted on Jun 29 2011 - 11:50am by Robert

The next update to Mojang Studio’s Minecraft promises the addition of piston blocks, which as it turns out, got everyone excited. Mojang decided to go for a quick update that will introduce pistons, and release the “adventure mode” in the next update.

The game’s publisher said in a statement: “To prevent going too far between updates, we’ve decided to release Pistons early. That means 1.7 will be released soon, containing only pistons and probably a couple of bug fixes. The adventure update will take however long it takes, and will be released as 1.8. It might be a long wait, but it will be worth it!”

In version 1.7 players will have the ability to stack fences onto other fences. The Adventure Mode will have to be put on hold though, as they plan to start teasing more information about it.

Notch, the maker of Minecraft, said in his blog: “The update is pretty big, and will change a lot of how Minecraft is played, focusing on making exploration and combat much more rewarding, and bringing in a bigger sense of adventure to the game.” “Already implemented are new complex terrain features, at least one new mob, some interesting new combat mechanics, a new lighting engine, and some experimental new gameplay ideas. To come is more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages,” he added.

The piston update is reported to be released this Thursday.

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