Ministry of Sound MOS03 review

Posted on Mar 18 2012 - 3:21pm by Robert

We all know that anything that comes from the Ministry of Sound is something to look forward to. Whether it is a big closed back headphones to portable in-ear earphones, you will never be disappointed with what they come up with. Being the one of the front-runners in the audio accessories department that focuses on dance music, the new Ministry of Sound MOS003 in-ear earphones pack a lot of punch that will move your body to the beat.

Those who are into dance music must be very familiar with the Ministry of Sound. The company started out in the early 1990s as a night club in London, which turned into a record label that releases and produces its own music and dance compilations. Because of its increasing popularity, the Ministry of Sound has released its own line of fashion accessories, clothing and headphones.


The Ministry of Sound MOS001 in-ear earphones features an aluminum housing that is sturdy enough to withstand damage. It comes with soft rubber earbuds that fit comfortably in your ear, with replacement buds with small, medium and large sizes.

The MOS003 uses the same type of cable used in the Ministry of Sound Hed Kandi Disco Heaven headphones, which is a tangle-free rubber cord. This feature won’t set your world on fire but does save precious seconds when whipping your buds out of your pocket.The cable is coiled on the lower part to protect the earphones from accidental pulls and to give it length.


The thing about in-ear earphones is that they are naturally bass heavy because of their build. If you place the sound source directly next to the ear, you will hear more of the bass frequencies, which is a problem with in-ears if you’re not into dance music.

This is understandable, though, considering that the company targets those who are into house music, and bass is the heart and soul of the genre. Bass-heads will love them ;-).


Overall, the Ministry of Sound hit the spot with the MOS003. It is a product that is specifically aimed to their core market, designed for the dance music crowd. Their low frequency boost may be its strength and weakness, but when used with the right tracks, it can surely please house fans!

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