Minoru 3D webcam

Posted on Jan 14 2009 - 10:35am by David Gray

a3dcam.jpgWhile there are many USB devices out there which are useful, some which are hopeless there are few which can match the presence of the Minoru 3D webcam!

This little beauty is promoted as the world’s first 3D WebCam and is sure to catch the attention of your friends, families and online buddies alike. Simple to use, uncomplicated to setup and offering an excellent 3D look at the real world the Minoru 3D webcam has already proved to be a great success. So what exactly can it do for you?

Due to the unique webcam setup the Minoru 3D webcam is able to offer not only perfect vision in 2D but the device also introduces depth to the equation which can be perfectly illustrated by slipping on the 3D glasses which come with the product. It is perfect for taking 3D films, 3D pictures and is compatible with all of the major instant messaging programs such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL Instant Messenger and many other IM programs.

In many ways the world of webcams has stood still for some time but the Minoru 3D webcam is set to inject something a little different and attract the attention of young and old alike. The lovable two eyed monster which houses the webcam flashes as it scans the room looking for you and transmits a perfect 3D picture to your computer screen.

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