Mira Pixel Shower Combines Gadgets with Washing

Posted on Nov 29 2010 - 11:22pm by Richard Sharp

A couple of years ago we wrote a post about the Bath-o-Matic, an automated bath that could be filled to a set level and temperature via the panel on the bath or even with the free iPhone app. This unique feature is great for bath lovers and we could see a market for a shower version. Thankfully Mira have come to the rescue with the Mira Pixel.

The new Mira Pixel is a beautifully designed digital shower with an easy to use wireless controller for a truly unique shower solution.

The stylish, wall mounted wireless controller allows you to select your desired temperature and flow settings without setting foot in the shower, so no more hiding in the corner to avoid the initial cold jets of water.  Using a ‘warm up’ function, you can programme your shower to reach your desired flow and temperature where it then pauses, ready to be reactivated as you step into your perfect shower. This is fantastic for saving water; I am always starting a shower only for the phone to ring leaving the shower running for a few minutes longer than necessary.

 The Mira Pixel also has an ‘eco mode’ to ensure that water flow is moderated. As an added benefit, Mira Pixel also features a digital clock display so that you can keep track of how long you’re spending in the shower (ideal if your like me and spend far too long day dreaming under the hot jets of water) – this system ensures you’ll never be late for work again.

 Mira Pixel comes with the innovative Mira 360m showerhead which features Flipstream Technology™, a completely unique flipping mechanism that allows you to alternate between four different spray patterns for the best possible shower.

 So quite a gadgety shower, perfect for people like me. If home automation and eco-saving gadgets are your bag I would seriously recommend you give this shower a look. The Pixel range is priced from £498.00 (ex. VAT) and is available from the Mira Website.

Would you love a shower you could start from your livingroom or bedroom?

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