Mitsubishi 3D Screens

Posted on Jun 24 2008 - 5:18pm by Richard Sharp

Scarey Screaming Kids - Mitsubishi 3DScreaming kids with Jurassic eyes is enough to give anybody a nightmare, but the slightly bizarre photo is being used to promote Mitsubishi 3D plasma televisions. OK, so they aren’t actually out yet, but details were first released at CES 2008 and the concept is a mouth wateringly, pant wettingly great one.

The new 3D concept is quite innovative and completely disposes of the lame blurry images usually associated with 3D imaging used in this way. Granted, it’s not quite the technical wizardry promised by Indian technology company Infosys but rather than being reserved for mobile crash scene devices Mitsubishi will be offering screens ranging from 60” to 73” in size – not exactly for the faint hearted then.

One of the huge drawbacks, and we mean HUGE, is that you still have to look a complete fool wearing special 3D glasses. Fortunately, gone are the days of red and green perspex lenses but nevertheless you aren’t going to want to be actually be seen wearing them by anybody but your most trusted 3D movie viewing friends.

The other major drawback is one that is always associated with emerging technologies and new gadgets – a more than slightly hefty price tag. While prices haven’t yet been leaked, I mean released, we can guarantee that they won’t be particularly affordable from the off.


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