Mobile Phone Gaming’s 55% Market Share Increases Recycling

Posted on Mar 5 2011 - 12:36am by Richard Sharp

Some recent research by popcap has speculated that there will be a surge in people recycling mobile phones due to the huge turnover in technology by Smartphone manufacturers. They say that consumers quest for devices that offer improved gaming facilities will result in users upgrading sooner and hence the upturn in recycling, let’s look at the research and see if this is really accurate.

The study discovered 55% of all games are now played on Smartphones, eclipsing the 22 per cent held by PC users (both traditional and online) and 20% played on consoles. This is a stark contrast to the 17% when a similar study was performed in 2009 – that’s a 38% increase of market share for smartphones and goes a long way to explain why Sony have recently launched a gaming phone, Windows Phone 7 opening up their store to developers and the huge popularity Apple’s app store enjoys.

Simon Dunn, who works for the recycling company Mobile Cash Monster said: “The cheaper cost of mobile phone games compared to console or PC games, coupled with the fact that mobile phone games are becoming increasingly easy to download, is clearly contributing to this huge rise in mobile gaming.

“However, what is particularly important is having the right device to play them on, and this really means a smartphone or something similar, which we believe will lead to a far greater demand for such devices. For those upgrading we predict that many will be looking to get rid of their phones quickly and easily for cash, turning to mobile recycling companies as awareness of them continues to grow.”

This would certainly explain the huge rise in popularity of services such as Mazuma, Envirophone and Mobile cash monster. And in today’s climate you have to squeeze every penny so be sure to shop around if you do sell your phone via a recycling site.

Have you ever recycled a mobile phone for cash?

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