Modular Toaster: a kitchen product for long-term use

Posted on Jul 15 2011 - 1:33pm by Robert

Designer Hadar Gorelik presents a new compact toaster design she calls the Modular Toaster. This fantastic kitchen product is a flexible toaster that is said to become popular in kitchens worldwide.

The Modular Toaster was designed by Hadar Gorelik, an industrial design student from Shenkar College in Israel. It is a set of individual toasters that was designed to be fixed together as your family grows.

“Five family members, one Toaster. What do you do? Do you make a bunch of toasts before? This way they are all cold when served. Or do you make two toasts at a time all breakfast long? This way only two members get to eat toast at the same time. Plus, someone has to get up every four minutes to put bread in the toaster (ME!)” wrote Gorelik while explaining the problems people experience every morning.

She also said that the Modular Toaster was designed for long-term use, saying: “This toaster grows and changes with your family. When a child moves out, he can take his toaster to his new apartment and start there a new toaster family of his own.”

Hadar Gorelik is the daughter of an Israeli Air Force pilot. She was raised by a family of artists, her grandfather being a sculptor and her mother an interior designer, and has been doing art since she was a child. Some of her designs include a Paletta, a Bucket Stool, a Coat Hanger, a Fabric Chair, and a Table lamp. You can check out her works on her website.


via: Designbuzz

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