Molo unveils Softshelter, a revolutionary housing design

Posted on Sep 8 2011 - 10:50pm by Thomas Sharp

Molo, a design firm in Canada, has created a comfortable and cheap housing innovation designed for disaster relief situations. The Softshelter is a system that was designed to create personal space in a communal shelter. It provides people or families with privacy during hard times.

To demonstrate how useful the Shoftshelter is, one member of the Molo design team has volunteered to use a Softshelter module located in the Molo workshop space for a couple of weeks.

“By occupying the shelter as it is being designed, we will be able to make discoveries that allow us to further refine a system that, hopefully, will one day be able to assist in disaster relief in an immediate and tangible way,” stated the company.

The Softshelter is made from recycled materials and is designed to be used for long periods of time. The flexible walls can be packed easily and is suitable for shipping. In a matter of minutes, the walls can be expanded to create small rooms.

“With 1-2 people, private rooms for individual families can be created within minutes without tools or experience,” the design firm explains. “The softwall quickly and easily expands to create the four walls of the space and the end panels are connected magnetically to each other.”

People can also personalize their space with its magnetic clipping system for photos and a Tryvek hanger that can be used to hang personal items on walls.

The Softshelter is perfect to give evacuees a more comfortable shelter when disaster strikes.


via: Molo Design

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