Moosh Watches encourage kids to play with online friends

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 5:18pm by Julius

Studies have shown that 64 percent of children in the UK go outside and play once a week, and 31 percent are now considered obese or overweight because of lack of activities that keep their bodies fit. Technology plays a big factor in this because children spend more time using computers to go online and play games and interact with other people. When we were kids, all we need are a few marbles and anything that can be found in the backyard to make playthings, so these results are very alarming.

With the continued advancement of technology, children today have lost the ability to go outside and play, which resulted to more children having emotional and physical health problems.

Inspired by these studies, designer Martin Spurway of the UK designed Moosh Watch, a watch that fuses children’s tech-infused lifestyle with outdoor activities. Moosh Watches aim to extinguish the line between the child’s online and real-world self. Moosh Watches can connect to each other through Bluetooth, enabling children to play together and collect badges that can be found online.

There are currently 64 color combinations that children can collect. They can buy or customize their own color combinations, and trade them with other friends.

These watches also have a mini-USB out that is used for charging and connecting the device to a social networking site. Also, since more children have an iPod, Moosh Watches also has its own iPod app that makes it more interactive by checking the badges that can be earned.

Is this a useful device for children to use?

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