More Apple News – They Knew About iPhone 4 Antenna Problems But Will Fix iPad WiFi Issues

Posted on Jul 16 2010 - 9:41am by Matt Jackson

Todays big Apple news is likely to come later in the day when Apple will address the press and inform them of what, if anything, they intend to do about the issues that many users are having with the iphone 4 antenna. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of other Apple news in various outlets on the Internet.

For instance, the Telegraph newspaper has run with a report that Apple knew all about the antenna problems before the phone was released while ITProPortal has gone with the story that while they may not be so forthcoming with a resolution to that problem, Apple has at least said they will fix the WiFi issues that some iPad users are facing.

The iPhone 4 antenna problems have been extremely well documented and while users and experts alike have attempted to demand action, Apple has done very little to resolve the problem. They released a software update that basically improved the effectiveness of the signal bar display but all that little gem did was ensure that you know you had a problem.

The fact that senior engineer Ruben Caballerro told Steve Jobs that there may be a problem with the antenna will only serve to exacerbate the negative press that the company is receiving; especially if they don’t make a major announcement later today regarding a way forward for fixing the antenna/reception problems.

Slightly better news for Apple lovers and indeed iPad owners is that they are being slightly more proactive with the iPad (is this just an indication that phones are treated less seriously by manufacturers than tablets and laptops?).

An iOS update will apparently fix the problems with slow download speeds, poor WiFi connections, and an issue with copying and pasting PDF documents. The update is available now.

Does Apple take its customers for granted?

Have you experienced any of these problems and are sick of not getting proper resolution?

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