More Sensitive Wiimote Coming Soon

Posted on Jul 16 2008 - 9:50pm by Richard Sharp

Nintendo Announces New WiimoteAnd so the E3 wheels keep turning. Through the space of the day today, we learned plenty of stuff that we already knew – the Wii is the most popular next gen console and that’s because of innovation. Apparently, though, even Nintendo staff were a tad surprised at just how successful the Wii has proven since its release, easily outselling both the Microsoft Xbox360 and the Sony PS3.

Sales figures have an almost unbelievably high 200,000 units every week since its release and when you consider that virtually as soon as any major new software or hardware is released, it becomes unavailable, it’s hardly surprising that the Wii continues to outsell its rivals.

What is odd, though, is that when the Wii was released the Nintendo press office took great pains to point out that it wasn’t being released to compete with so called next generation consoles and yet, now that their success has become evident, Nintendo are happy to bill it as being the most successful of the next generation consoles – quite a turnaround, but who can blame them?

A new plug in for the Wiimote, called the Wii Motionplus, was the big news of the day. It is said to greatly improve the responsiveness of the existing unit and pick up on even the slightest movemenet of hand, arm, and wrist. Wii Sports Resort was also unveiled as being the first game that will work with the remote.

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