Moshi*Matic – The Android Powered Washing Machine

Posted on Jun 17 2011 - 12:15am by Thomas Sharp

The washing machine has come a long way over the past two hundred years, the first washing machine or the humble scrub board was first used in 1797. The first machine to use a drum came along in 1851 and nowadays it’s a common item in most people homes. Some are more gadgety than others, take the Moshi Matic for example which uses an ARM processor and is powered by Android.

From a distance the Moshi Matic looks ultra modern,but you can’t appreciate the technology behind it until you get up close and personal. The machine has a pop up panel on the top so you can programme it in a standard fashion, so why does it need to be powered by Android?

So you can control it via your smartphone of course, and the moshi*matic isn’t fussy either because it works with Android and iOS devices via a two native apps. You can control the machine from anywhere with a phone signal, the machine also has a hopper for storing detergent capsules which cuts down the loading time. When the hopper starts running low, a text messages notifies the owner. Similar notifications can be set up for other functions, such as the end of a wash cycle.

Moshi matic android washing machine

Despite looking ultra modern, and being powered by one of the best operating systems it still suffers from one flaw – it can’t force your kids to pick their clothes up off the floor.

Do you like the sound of am Android powered washing machine?


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