Most used versions of Android

Posted on Jul 21 2010 - 12:51pm by Rob

We love a good pie chart. Anyone else who shares our peculiar fetish will be delighted to see this ravishing little beauty, which quite simply tells us which versions of Android are used by what percentage of users, if you follow me.

Dragging its behind along the ground in last place is the predictable “other”, a popular backmarker in all pie charts. In this case it refers to older, obselete versions and comes in at 0.3%.

Next up is the latest version, Android 2.2, at a poor 3.3%. This is widely regarded as being far superior to earlier versions but has yet to grab a significant share of the user market.

Android 1.5 comes in at 18.9%. 1.6 takes a 22.1% portion of the pie but the undisputed champion of the world and big brother of the Android family is our old friend 2.1, which greedily hoards 55.5%  of the share.

The main problem in the Android world is that, although there is forward compability there is no backward compability. This makes using a later version a decision which developers have to seriously mull over.

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