Motorola hot on the tail of iPhone?

Posted on Apr 1 2009 - 9:07pm by Richard Sharp

The latest mobile phone from Motorola has been released, the Evoke QA4, and is being hailed as the very latest in smartphones and a worthy competitor to the ever popular Apple iPhone and also the Palm Pre mobile phone . Whether this is the case remains to be seen and its going to be a little while until we can fairly judge it as the Evoke QA4 mobile phone is not expected to reach the UK market until mid 2009.

The mobile phone specifications of the Evoke QA4 are expected to include a 2.8” screen, QWERTY touchscreen keyboard, with the resolution delivered expected to be 240 x 400 pixels, accelerometer , voice regognition, email and text messaging, a rather disappointing 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, MicroSD slot Bluetooth including A2DP, MicroSD / MicroSDHC support, weighing 128 grams and measuring 108 x 17.5 x 50.5 mm. The Evoke QA4 mobile phone will have a GPS navigation system, web browing, sync options with Google contacts, YouTube, access to news, weather headlines etc.

We look forward to seeing the Evoke QA4 mobile phone in the flesh with its expected capabilities, but are reluctant to say at the moment whether this will be a good alternative to the iPhone, certainly the camera could have been improved upon to gain some edge. The iPhone is in the process of having some major updates and with the imminent launch of the Palm Pre mobile phone we wonder if Motorola may have just missed the boat to make any kind of impact. The look of the Evoke QA4 mobile phone may miss the mark also, the sophisticated uncluttered styling of the iPhone is something that is bang on and the design of the new Evoke QA4 though attractive is now looking a little dated.

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