Motorola Internal Memo Tells Designers To Hold Hands

Posted on Apr 20 2008 - 5:53am by Paul

Motorola is making a last grasp at holding its Mobile Devices unit together. This past week an internal memo was passed around regarding the reassigning of hardware designers and software designers to work side-by-side. The perpetually optimistic, but declining technology giant hopes to relive the RAZR glory days by catering to the increasing demand for efficient and effective mobile software. And in a moment of morose honesty, Motorola’s CEO, Greg Brown admits “software is a major weakpoint for the company’s mobile handsets.”

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for Motorola, who in January was consdering dropping its mobile devices altogether. After the immense popularity of the RAZR, every major release from Motorola has failed to live up to expectations. The market has become software and third-party support oriented, and lack of internal communication within the company has apparently left it far behind the consumer demand curve. In March, Motorola announced it was splitting the Mobile Devices unit from other technology, and this month brings new gusto for revamping the units.

With the push for open source software support technologies from companies like Google, and Facebook, is Motorola’s push for hope even reasonable? It appears they have nowhere to go but up, however, they seem to be staring at a glass ceiling into an entire market that has passed them by.

source: Intomobile

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