Motorola wins injunction against Apple in Germany

Posted on Nov 7 2011 - 7:38am by Julius

Motorola Mobility was granted an injunction by a German court against Apple Inc., but the court’s ruling does not mean the end of Apple products in the country.

According to a statement provided by Apple, the ruling does not change anything about the company’s status in the country. It is only a procedural issue and does not affect the company’s ability t sell products in Germany, it added.

Meanwhile, Motorola Mobility did not say too much about the issue, telling Florian Mueller, a patent blogger, that the company “will continue to assert ourselves in the protection of these assets, while also ensuring that our technologies are widely available to end-users. We hope that we are able to resolve this matter, so we can focus on creating great innovations that benefit the industry.”

Unlike a number preliminary injunctions against Samsung, which were won by Apple, this ruling does not ban the sales of Apple products in the country since the lawsuit was filed against Apple, not its German subsidiary. The ruling did find that Apple Inc. infringed on two patents from Motorola, though.

A Dusseldorf court upheld its preliminary injunction in the patent battle of Apple Inc. against Samsung Electronics in September, banning the latter’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the country.

In October last year, Motorola filed a case against Apple in three complaints that spans 18 patents. A few weeks later, Apple sued Motorola, claiming that its smartphones use intellectual property that Apple owns.


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