Motorola Xoom Tablet Without LTE to Launch at CES 2011

Posted on Jan 2 2011 - 5:21pm by Matt Jackson

Motorola are counting down the days, minutes and seconds to the launch of CES 2011 with a timer hosted on their website. They are promising an ‘tablet evolution’ with links to a teaser video for their new tablet hotly tipped to be named the Motorola Xoom.

The video starts off with tablets of stone working through time until 2010 when it picks at the ‘weak’ points of the Galaxy Tablet and iPad. The video says the iPad is ‘like a giant iPhone’ and that the Samsung Galaxy Tab only has Android but only ‘Android OS for a phone’ dropping a big hint that their tablet will include the brand new Android Honeycomb – suited for a tablet as well as a phone.

Continued after the video…

Other rumours surrounding the Moto Droid Xoom suggest that it will include dual cameras, a 2 megapixel front facing snapper and a 5 Mega Pixel camera on the back of the device. It is also said to include a micro-SD slot, will be powered by a dual-core processor and 32GB of internal storage. The device will not include LTE out of the box and will require an external modem to go 4G.

For full details we will have to wait for CES to begin in 3 days time, we are certain that Moto will have a few tricks up their sleeve and we can’t wait for the cloak to come off their flagship tab.

Do you think the specs will be enough to challenge the other tabs launching in 2011? Will Moto regret not going 4G as standard or is the tech surplus to requirements at the moment?

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