Motorola Xoom Tipped for First Week of April Release Date in UK

Posted on Mar 30 2011 - 4:30pm by Richard Sharp

The Motorola Xoom is set to launch in the UK in the first week of April according to tech blog Engadget. The release date is actually a little earlier than expected and could help the brand capitalise on the shortfall in Apple iPad 2 tablets. Granted many people would be waiting for the Xoom anyway but you have to wonder if Motorola will gain from Apples lack of iPad 2’s.

At this stage there are still no clear prices for any of the Xoom range as Motorola are keeping that information on the down low until next week. We do know that Carphone Warehouse, Dixons, Currys, PC World and various other outlets will stock both the WiFi and 3G models.

Previous snippets and leaks have suggested the 32GB wifi only Xoom will cost £500 which is £21 dearer than Apples equivalent, whether this will be dropped will largely depend on Motorola’s confidence in their product and more importantly customers opinion of the price.

Do you think the Xoom will be worth the extra £20? Or should Moto launch with a more competitive price?

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