Mozilla to Bring Out £15 Smartphone

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 6:19pm by Robert

The latest company said to be entering the low cost smartphone market is Mozilla.

You probably know them first most of all for their Firefox internet browser. However, they have recently shown the world a £15 smartphone which they developed along with Chinese chip maker Spreadtrum.

The cheap phone clearly isn’t going to be as powerful or as versatile as more expensive phones. It is going to be aimed at consumers in the developing world and can run apps as well as allow internet access. It is going to run on Mozilla’s own mobile operating system.

Tapping into the Feature Phone Market


At the moment, so-called feature phones are very popular in developing countries. These are seen as a sort of halfway between a traditional mobile phone and an all singing and all dancing smartphone. With their new model, Mozilla hopes to tap into that market by offering something a lot closer to a genuine smartphone experience.

Some analysts have pointed out that this is still going to be a phone which lags far behind the best ones now in the market. However, the chance to tap into the entry-level market in developing regions is seen as being an attractive possibility. In fact, other phone companies are expected to provide tough competitions for Mozilla’s new phone once it is released.

Mozilla has also produced details of higher level phones, with some of the best ones made by Huawei and ZTE.

Do you think that low cost, entry level smartphones like this could take off in the future?

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