MSN I-Buddy

Posted on Jun 16 2008 - 8:53pm by Richard Sharp

MSN i-BuddySpend too much time on MSN messenger? Well, who doesn’t? The MSN I-Buddy (which must be good, because they’ve incorporated the seemingly essential “i” into the name) can be programmed so that it reacts to a particular MSN buddy, using its own innovative method to let you know when that buddy has come online, sent a nudge, or sent particular emoticons to you.

We know that your Messenger can be set up to do most of this for you, but the i-buddy does it with a certain type of style and elegance. It’s heart warms when a friend comes online (ahh), it shakes lovingly when they message you (ahhhh), and it will even react to the emoticons used in a message by conveying the particular emotion to you.

Motions include the flapping of its wings, the twisting of its body, and the flashing of its lights. It certianly beats the monotonous beeping and buzzing that usually ruminates from the messenger client although if you have more than one friend on MSN then it’s quite possible that you will need multiple i-buddies each with it’s own name tag and unique interactions. Or, we could just be getting carried away.

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  1. Thomas January 4, 2011 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    i have a i-buddy but i dont cant register it

    official website dont work

    pls help

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