MX Air – Precision Mouse That Looks A Bit Like A Whale

Posted on Jun 18 2008 - 2:30pm by Richard Sharp

Logitech MX AirIn a PC gaming environment, the onus is very much placed on speed and reaction. The last thing you need when you’re clicking the mouse buttons or trying to quickly use the scroll wheel is any lag or lapse in reaction from the mouse itself. As ever, when we’re looking at PC precision gaming equipment, we tend to first turn to Logitech.

The MX Air is, to start with, probably one of the most expensive mice you will ever see at around £100. And, in reality, it probably has more functionality than the average user will ever demand or truly take advantage of (In air hand motion sensors kind of spring to mind here) but there’s no denying it’s a seriously impressive piece of kit.

The laser precision is incredibly accurate and offers instantaneous response time, while the wave and click multimedia control detects motion in your hands and the click of the buttons. The scroll panel is designed to offer ultra fast scrolling while the Li-ion battery lasts longer and recharges faster minimising the time you need to take away from your gaming session. A 9 metre operating range means you could, if you really wanted, use the mouse on the other side of the room or even in the hallway.

Oh, and it kind of looks a bit like Moby Dick too, which has got to be a good thing.

[Logitech MX Air]

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