My Beating Heart Pillow

Posted on Jul 27 2008 - 1:18pm by Richard Sharp

My Beating Heart Relaxation PillowThe heart can actually be persuaded to beat at different rates through little more than the power of suggestion. If your body senses what it deems to be a heart beat that is beating slower than your own then it may make some form of attempt to replicate that rhythm. Working on this principle, coupled with our almost Freudian longing for the mother’s womb, the beating heart pillow is the ideal stress buster/relaxation pillow.

It emits a heart beat under relaxed conditions and encourages anybody that is willing to hold it tightly and longingly to their chest to become equally relaxed. OK, so it sounds like a right load of rubbish, and to be honest the design means it’s unlikely to really take off. Perhaps if it actually looked like a beating heart it would sell to more men.

There are two sizes of beating heart pillow, a small and large with prices up to £25 depending on the dynamics you would like. The only problem is, don’t let it run out batteries while your heart is mimicking it and keeping its pace or you might never wake from your relaxed state of slumber.

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