My First Gadget Inspired eBay Collections

Posted on Mar 13 2014 - 6:07pm by Richard Sharp

gadgetsandgizmosdotorg-eBay-collections recently launched a brand new feature called Collections on their UK facing site. Collections are similar to Pinterest, save for the fact that every collection is comprised of interesting things eBay members have found on eBay. This cool new feature means a fresh look for the Website, which was launched in collaboration with big name celebrities and partners. I am very happy to announce that we were one such partner, which meant I got to start my Collection experience many weeks ago.

How eBay Collections work

When browsing eBay you will now notice a new ‘add to collections’ prompt alongside the well-established add to watch list option. You’d press this if you want to save the item to a new collection. This could be very specific or off the wall, it’s personal to you but others can follow your boards if they like what they see. eBay has essentially created their own social network where members can create Collections for their own or other people’s pleasure.

Our First Sponsored Collections

I often browse eBay for gadgets and quirky things, so it wasn’t long before our 15 first collections were created. My first Collection was based on watches because they are a real passion of mine. I found some awesome examples to add, and it’s safe to say I now have a very long wish list for the future.

Collections for golf gadgets, gadgets for audiophiles, Geeky T-shirts and Home Automation quickly followed; all things that really interest me, which is why this new feature really works. Forest Gump once famously said, ‘you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes’, and for me, my collections aim to do the same thing. I love gadgets and cool things, and that’s what inspired me when creating these collections.

How this changes things

For years the eBay experience has been somewhat of a random one; you logged in, searched for something specific/browsed for random garb and then start bidding or buying. Collections, for me, makes this process a much more personalised experience because you can both share your favourite items and find new things from like minded¬†eBayers’. With that in mind I’d like to cordially invite you to view the Gadgets and Gizmos Collections and follow us for more updates.

What do you think of the new Collections feature?

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