My Mystery UFO

Posted on Nov 21 2008 - 5:34am by David Gray

tkc001_my_mystery_ufo.jpgThe My Mystery UFO is probably a present you will find most satisfying for yourself as it will allow you to mesmerise your friends and have them hitting the deck in disbelief. Your own very believable UFO which you can control with no hands, make it follow you wherever you go and move to the rhythm that you dictate!

As long as you don’t give the secret away to your friends they will have no idea how it works although some smart Alec is likely to suggest static electricity, magnetism, psychic powers or “something else” – the old favourites!

Do your party piece, make the My Mystery UFO float and then pass it over to a friend so they can try. The beauty is it won’t work for your friends, they don’t know the secret and you should never give it away. This UFO only takes 15 seconds to set up and will allow you to have total control of the My Mystery UFO vehicle, making it move and groove as you want. So how does it work?

Like all good magic secrets it is best to keep them to yourself, keep your friends and family guessing and never give it away. This is one Christmas gift with a difference!

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