Naked Life Models Captured with Gadgets

Posted on Sep 24 2010 - 4:45pm by Richard Sharp

There is something funny about drawing still life, especially when that still life is another naked human being. I know what you’re thinking, what has Art and nakedness got to do with gadgets? Well quite a lot when you visit this exhibition because all of the pictures will be created using technology and digital tech.

The Future Art gallery in London is holding an event on Saturday 9th October where artists will draw a model seemingly beamed directly from the future. The gallery say the twist of the event will be the way the drawings will be produced. Artists and graphic designers will take out their laptops, iPads or even projectors to create their version of a person from the year 2800.

The event co-ordinators are expecting some twisted and outrageous outcomes from the event and is hoping gadgets can help transform the beauty of the model into a futuristic representation, the model could end up wearing weird and wacky clothing or be evolved or modified in unimaginable ways.

The public are invited to watch the spectacle unfold with tickets costing £10 each, for obvious reasons there is an age limit of 18 with various sessions running throughout the day. Visitors will be able to watch the 50 artists manipulating and creating images using tech and tomfoolery.

I think this is a pretty quirky use for gadgets but cool all the same. What do you think?

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