“Near final” iOS 5 released to mobile carriers for testing

Posted on Sep 8 2011 - 11:44am by Julius

Rumor has it that the iOS 5 is nearing its final build, and reports are suggesting that some carriers have been given the iOS 5’s “near final” build for testing.

According to Apple news site 9 to 5 Mac, Apple has given certain mobile carriers with an iOS version different from what developers are receiving. The new iOS version given to carriers has one of its key features, Nuance’s Speech to Text, turned on.

“According to a source testing the feature, it works almost identically to the Android operating system’s speech-to-text feature,” the report said. “It’s also very polished, quick, and accurate said the source – which is obvious for being an Apple product but also is indicative of the product being nearly complete.”

Carriers are also allowed to test Apple’s FaceTime over 3G, which is not part of the previous updates. Apple has provided instructions to the carriers that they have to prioritize the testing of the FaceTime feature.

The report also claims that mobile carriers have started training their staff on how the iOS 5 and iCloud works. The training is reported to be similar to what Apple did before it released the iOS 4.

It appears that Apple will be including speech recognition in iOS 5, even though the company did not announce its inclusion during this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. If the iOS 5 is now open for carrier testing, the new mobile OS is now nearing its completion and will be released this autumn, as scheduled.


via: 9 to 5 Mac

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