New COOL-ER eReader Coming To UK This Month

Posted on May 15 2009 - 1:07am by Richard Sharp

The COOL-ER eReaderThere’s a new e-reader being announced that is also set for release in the UK, which makes a refreshing change when compared to the Amazon Kindle. The look of the COOL-ER is definitely a more youthful and vibrant look in a range of colours and being quite a lot smaller and lighter than its competitors; it’s little surprise that the company Interead’s executive said it was the iPod moment of ebook readers. Happily, it’s also cheaper than anything else that’s available, so not iPod in every respect obviously.

a 6 inch e-ink screen with 800 x 600 resolution is backed up by a 500MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, and 1GB of storage. It will read a variety of different file formats and it offers enough battery life to last through 8,000 page turns. In the US the COOL-ER will sell at around $100 less than the Amazon Kindle costing $249 and it will be on the shelves by the end of this month. Here you’ll have to fork out £189 but the device will also be on our shelves before the end of May.

Ereaders have yet to really take the market by storm and it has proven especially difficult to capture the younger market share and the COOL-ER is apparently aiming to make reading cool like listening to your iPod. The range of colours is the most obvious approach and one that may well work but the fact that you have to download ebooks to it from your PC as it has no connectivity is a little limiting.

Source – Pocket Lint

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