New e-reader unveiled by Sharp

Posted on Jul 20 2010 - 4:42pm by Rob

The market for ebooks and e-readers is one which has great potential. The amount of people preferring to ditch the old paper books and pick up their electronic readers is seeing the sales of both books and readers increase daily, so it is no surprise to see those crafty electronic giants Sharp muscle their way into the market with their own model.

Sharp tell us that the readers will have a new format, known as the next-generation XMDF, which will enable “easy viewing of digital contents including video and audio, and allows automatic adjustment of the layout to match and meet publishers’ needs.” Sounds promising, does it not?

Of course, as with any new product the key is in the timing. Sharp will hope to have chosen their moment wisely, having held off long enough to take advantage of the latest technology but not long enough to have lost any chance of grabbing a share of the growing e-reader market.  Keep your virtual eyes peeled for a review on this site asap.

Following the news shares in Sharp went up 1.5 percent to a high of  958 yen and a tie up deal with US company Verizon is expected (hey, we’re nothing if not thorough).

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