New Facebook Shopping Features Tested

Posted on Oct 15 2015 - 3:24pm by Robert

Facebook keep on adding new features to their all-conquering social media site, with online shoppers the latest to find something new for them.

This is because Facebook is currently testing not one but two new shopping features that work with mobile apps.


The first of these is called Canvas. Basically, it is used to let you buy items direct from the scrolling ads you seen on screen. When you see an ad like this on screen you just need to click on it in order for it to expand and fill the screen.

When this happens you can then buy the item you want directly from that ad, without even having to enter the seller’s own website.

Favourites Shopping Feed


The other new addition to Facebook currently being tested out is in the shape of a Shopping feed that is under Favourites. This part of the site will show you the products being sold by the companies who are taking part in the new Facebook Shop section.

There is a search bar here to make it easier to find items. Just like Canvas, this change is currently being tested by a limited number of users and might or might not make it to the general release stage.

Recent studies have shown that Facebook is one on a handful of the most popular mobile apps that people use regularly. It is believed that adding more shopping functionality to the site could bring huge benefits to the social media giant.

Do you think that Facebook is a good place to do some online shopping?

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