New file management features of Windows 8 revealed

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 4:58pm by Julius

The team behind the development of Windows 8 is continuously informing people about the new operating system’s features on the Building Windows 8 blog, and now, they have posted about the reworked copy, rename, move and delete features of the upcoming Windows version.

According to the development team, the file Management features represent about 50 percent of the Windows Explorer and the total command usage in the current version of the operating system, Windows 7. It is not optimized for high-volume work of multiple copy jobs. According to the blog post, the three main goals for improvement are:

  • One place to manage all copy jobs: Create one unified experience for managing and monitoring ongoing copy operations.
  • Clear and concise: Remove distractions and give people the key information they need.
  • User in control: Put people in control of their copy operations.

Copying files to a single folder from different sources at once will result in one dialog box, instead of multiple dialog boxes Windows users see now. Another new feature will let users have the ability to pause some transfers if they want to focus on a specific job to finish sooner.

Users will also see more details of file transfers, instead of the “time remaining” bar that was never really accurate. Microsoft has also added a conflict resolution dialog box, where if two files have the same file name, a user will have much more control while improving the clarity of the job. “Via easy to use checkboxes, users will be able to select which specific files they wish to replace, keep both copies of the files or replace all files, hopefully with minimum confusion.”

It seems that Microsoft is taking necessary steps in improving its Windows operating system. We’ll have to wait for other improvements the development team has made to the rest of the OS.


via: Microsoft

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