New Freesat Channels

Posted on Sep 15 2008 - 1:17pm by Richard Sharp

New Freesat ChannelsFreesat is a fantastic service that offers access to free to air satellite channels but where it differs from many freeview services is in its impressive range of HD channels. Short of paying for a Sky subscription or a Virgin subscription there’s really very little choice, especially falling within the completely free monthly subscription range. What’s even more impressive is the rate at which the service keeps expanding, offering more channels on a regular basis.

While the latest batch of 5 new channels is unlikely to set too many hearts beating at a faster rate or anything else poetic for that matter, they can’t be scoffed at because they are, after all, free. Four new television channels and one more radio station are to be included in the list of channels on offer.

BBC Alba offers Gaelic programs while Zee presents Asian Music and Best Direct is a shopping channel. The Audi Channel is fairly self explanatory and, we have to admit, slightly bizarre – how many hours a week are you really likely to spend watching Audi programs? The new radio station is Planet Rock Freesat and all can be downloaded automatically by your Freesat system so get updating to receive access to them immediately.

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