New Google Rival Is Cuil

Posted on Jul 29 2008 - 10:14am by Richard Sharp

Google To Be Dethroned By Cuil?A new search engine, called Cuil, has been announced and while these things generally pass by fairly quietly it has been the talk of the virtual town for several reasons. Like every new search engine it has the bold, and seemingly unrealistic, remit of toppling Google from their ever more impressive throne as the masters of search.

The main developer behind Cuil is one Anna Patterson, whose technology was purchased by Google four years ago. They purchased her search technology in a bid to improve their own results, but Ms Patterson left Google two years ago in order to concentrate her efforts on the Cuil venture.

Apparently Cuil indexes over 120 billion pages on the Internet, which is approximately treble the figure that Google itself can boast. And, if you don’t believe that size is the most important metric, then you may also be pleased to hear that it uses different indexing technology, displays results in a different manner, and more importantly, it won’t be storing any data about the way its users search the Internet or any of the pages or searches they have visited or conducted.

You can take a look at Cuil (pronounced Cool, in case you were wondering) at – alternatively, you could always Google it.

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